Social Engineering II

Faitiche Journal / Jan Jelinek's second contribution to a series of portraits about so-called Phishing Emails. Title and content this time: a vague allegation & the concrete extortion.

again: a sad peek into faitiche's mailbox ... 

Jan Jelinek: Phishing II (a vague allegation & the concrete extortion), 2022


LA Screen Memories

Jan Jelinek's audio/video collage LA Screen Memories is nominated for the MuVi-Awards at the 68th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Watch the film selection (and vote for the audience award) here. more

Jan Jelinek: LA Screen Memories (film still), 2022


Social Engineering

Faitiche Journal / Jan Jelinek starts a series of portraits about so-called Phishing Emails. The first post is on the narrative of the heir - probably one of the oldest concepts of Phishing!?

a sad peek into faitiche's mailbox ... 

Jan Jelinek: Phishing I (The narrative of the heir), 2022


Beispiel: Muster

Coming soon (March 18th): Beispiel - Muster (faitiche 26). Beispiel (German for example, also suggests playing together), a joint project by Frank Bretschneider and Jan Jelinek. Muster is their first album. Free electronic music, the result of spontaneous improvisations. Now available at the webshopmore

Artwork frontcover (image by C. Claus "Erwachen am Augenblick / Psych. Feld", 1991)

Beispiel: FB&JJ2017-1, (faitiche 26, 2022)


Temple of Faitiche (February 2022)

Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is Polish multi-instrumentalist, composer and Thomas Cole aficionado Piotr Kurek - on air Feb 18th, 13:00-14:00. Afterwards as Mixcloud stream available.

W. H. Truettner, A. Wallach: Thomas Cole, Landscape into History, 1994


Surveillance - in three episodes

German SWR2 premiers a new radio work by Jan Jelinek: Überwachung - in drei Episoden (Surveillance - in three episodes). Premiere: February, 12th 2022. Afterwards as free stream & download for 18 months available here. more

Richard N. Scarth: Echoes from the Sky, 2017

Jan Jelinek: Überwachung - in drei Episoden (excerpt of Episode II), 2022


metrik, 2001

Found in the archives: metrik is a previously unreleased track by Jan Jelinek, recorded in 2001 live to DAT.

a recording medium that fortunately fell into oblivion ... 

Jan Jelinek: metrik (2001, previously unreleased)