Do you know LA?

'Do you know ... a Los Angeles diary? - Faitiche presents an audio mix by Jan Jelinek. The mix was recorded for the XLR8R magazine podcast series. More information, interview & DL-link here.



Mexico City Essentialism

Street vendors' signals (processed), Mexico City 2016


Jan Jelinek: Street vendors' signals, 2016


Beweisstücke für das Bombardement

A new mastered version of Jan Jelinek's radio piece Beweisstücke für das Bombardement will be aired/streamed on November 11th, Deutschlandradio Kultur.


Jan Jelinek: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement, SWR2 Ars Acustica 2015 (excerpt)


Los Angeles Essentialism

LA Essentialism: Other people's car hifi, Los Angeles 2016


Jan Jelinek: Other people's car hifi, 2016


Flagpole USA

Flagpole USA, Los Angeles 2016


Jan Jelinek: Flagpole USA, 2016


Anthony Silvester: Vague, yet

Faitiche is delighted to announce a film by Anthony Sylvester for Vague, yet (Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek, faitiche13). Watch it on FactMag Selects.



Twisted Relics (Beweisstücke für das Bombardement)

excerpt from the radio piece Beweisstücke für das Bombardement, SWR2 Ars Acustica 2015


Jan Jelinek: Twisted Relics, 2015


Dominating Sample Libraries

Dominating Sample Libraries: Simon Harris, Beats, Breaks & Scratches (Music Of Life 1987-1995). A series of vinyls, including voice phrases - all well known today as self contained voice fragments.


Jan Jelinek: Dominating Sample Libraries Vol.1, 2016


Marcel Duchamp (blank)

Marcel Duchamp on 'Retinal Art' (Interview, processed), BBC 1968

Jan Jelinek, Marcel Duchamp (blank), 2016


The Parallel Plot

The Parallel Plot: Fountain & Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery). Berlin, October 12th 2015.