Slavoj Zizek (blank)

Paul Holdengräber interviews Slavoj Zizek, Copenhagen 2014

Jan Jelinek: Slavoj Zizek (blank), 2015


Beweisstücke für das Bombardement (radio piece)

A new mix of Beweisstücke für das Bombardement for ZKM's 47 speaker system Klangdom. Presentation: November 14th 2015, ZKM Karlsruhe - on the occasion of ARD Hörspieltage. Live presentation of Beweisstücke für das Bombardement on GRM's Acousmonium: November 27th 2015, Geneve - on the occasion of PEG Présences Electroniques Genève.



Miles Davis (blank)

Bill Boggs interviews Miles Davis, Philadelphia 1986

Jan Jelinek: Miles Davis (blank)


Do you know ... Music?

Faitiche mix for NTS radio / Skyapnea show. Broadcasted on September 12th 2015. Playlist: 01. John Oswald’s Plunderphonics: Mist 02. Farben & James DIN A4: Powerbaum 03. Masahiro Shinoda: With beauty & sorrow 04. Masayoshi Fujita: Out woods and the far small town (Jan Jelinek remix) 05. Lee Gamble: Tvash Kwawar 06. Henk Badings: Evolutionen Ballet Music 07. The Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble: Inner Vence 08. Triosk & Jan Jelinek: Track 2 09. Supersilent: 1.4 10. Lieven Martens: Moana music from the guardhouse 11. Terrestial Tones: The sailor 12. Faitiche: Howling luggage belt 13. Kenny Graham and his Satellites: Fog on the Hudson 14.Yann Geslin: Variations didactiques 15. DJ ESP: Sick & Tired 16. John Oswald’s Plunderphonics: Brazilianaires theme 17. Nest Kerin Crain: Gongs in the rain 18. Nikolaienko: Curious casus 19. Jan Otto Allan / Faitiche: Wild Africa 20. Michel Redolfi: Immersion 21. Mus Joutra (Raymond IV): Trilo IV no.1 22. The Louis Sarno Archive: BaAka women singing yeti 23. Eighties Ladies: Tell him 24. Social Climbers: Palm Springs 25. Vladislav Dobrovolski: Typ1 26. Dub Taylor: Lumiere 27. J. O. Mallander: Bound 28. Alan Watts: I love you 29. Charles Ives: Universe Symphony 30. Kammerflimmer Kollektiv: Mäander 31. Jan Jelinek: Beweisstuecke für das Bombardement (radio piece, excerpt) 32. David Behrman: On the other ocean 33. Jan Jelinek: Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt (radio piece, excerpt)


Jan Jelinek: Do you know ... Music (mix)


Beweisstücke für das Bombardement - 1st announcement

Südwestrundfunk (SWR2) presents a new radio play by Jan Jelinek: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement. First broadcast is on July 7th 2015. The radio piece interprets the score Threnody For The Victims For Hiroshima by K. Penderecki (composed for string orchestra, 1960) - the interpretation is performed by loop players/sample programs, which play field recordings of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.


right channel: Threnody for the Victimes of Hiroshima (Aukso Orchestra, 2012) - left channel: Jan Jelinek: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement (2015)


Marcel Duchamp (blank)

Richard Hamilton interviews Marcel Duchamp, London 1959

Jan Jelinek: Marcel Duchamp (blank), 2015


Jan Otto Allan: Wild Africa

Jan Otto Allan: Wild Africa, 1972 - recorded with varying playback tempo.


Jan Jelinek: Jan Otto Allan's Wild Africa, 2015


Helmut Schmidt plays Little Richard

Helmut Schmidt spielt Little Richard. Helmut Schmidt plays Little Richard.



Jan Jelinek: Helmut Schmidt plays Little Richard