Do you know music?

Do you know music (which can be stored on magnetic tape)? Faitiche presents the sixth audio collage of field recordings, favorite popsongs and others. 01. Farben: Rrival Inn (All) 02. Bruce Haack: Intro 03. Tom Recchion: Where Were You At Christmas? 04. Delia Debyshire: The Tommorrow People 05. Stol: 011 06. Klaus Schulze: Conphäre 07. Bob James: An On 08. Arthur Lyman: Akaka Falls 09. Das tönenede Klettbuch: Etudes Francaises 10. Olivier Messian: Les Ressuscités Et Le Chant De L Étoile Aldébaran 10. Larry Heard: Acid Bounce 11. John Kannenberg: Qarun Hydrophone 12. Morton Subotnik: Butterfly No.2 13. Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek Workshop For Modernity 14. Bo Diddley: Travelin' West 15. Shangri Las: What Is Love 16. Jan Jelinek: There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) 14. Nino Nardini: Etincelles Cos 15. PIL: Fodderstompf 16. Jan Jelinek: Tierbeobachtungen 17. Adam Pacione: Washed Ashore


Jan Jelinek: Do you know music (which can be stored on magnetic tape)?, 2010