Do you know music?

Do you know music (which is only audible via loudspeakers)? Faitiche presents an audio collage of field recordings, some favorite popsongs and others. 01. G.E.S.: previously unreleased track 02. People Like Us: We will all DIY 03. Antonio Carlos Jobim: Children's Games 04. Bernard Parmegiani: Pour en finir avec le pouvoir d Orphée 05. Black Dice: Drool 06. Ursula Bogner: Äther (previously unreleased track) 07. Der Plan: Der Weltaufstandsplan 08. David Behrman: Players with Circuits 09. Bill Loughbrough: For the Big Horn 10: Groupshow: Doublebass 10. Masayasu Tzboguchi Trio: Loop silent radio (quartett zensuriert mix)    11. Robert Wyatt: Rangers in the Nightst 12. G.E.S.: previously unreleased track 13. Ursula Bogner: Synchronton 14. Andrew Pekler: Loop Doo Woop 15. Troupeau de moutons: Bruits et Ambiances d'Afrique 16. Neil Cambell: Diesel Kingdom


Jan Jelinek: Do you know music (which is only audible via loudspeakers)?, 2010