Ursula Bogner:
Index Cards

Ursula Bogner:
Index Cards

Filing System Of Index Cards, 1966-1976
Keywords / Tabs: Life, Gods, Sound, Paradigm, Orgone, Outer Space, Microphonics, Sun, The Cosmo-Human Gesture. No list of sources and references. Relevance (if any) unknown. More biographical data on Ursula Bogner: here

Zettelkasten (Kartothek), 1966-1976
Schlagwörter / Registerblätter: Leben, Götter, Klang, Paradigma, Orgon, Weltall, Mikrophonie, Sonne, Die kosmisch-menschliche Geste. Keine Quellenangaben und Verweise. Relevanz (falls vorhanden) nicht ersichtlich. Mehr zu Ursula Bogners Biografie hier.

Filling System

index card intuition not improvisation

index card Cosmic energy - is - objectively (on colour film) - and - subjectively BLUE.

index card never finished: listening to music.

index card Mercury & Venus: moonless

index card MARRIAGE Destroyer of a matriachal society


index card Sun = Black Box

index card Can the night be abolished?

index card One can no longer rely on immediate sound conceptions.

index card DESIRE expansion, contact, energetically well funtioning charge and discharge function UN-DESIRE contraction, no contact, blocked charge and discharge function

index card Mars is: a dying planet

index card Melody - Always the others' art.

index card Mixcoatl - Aztec god of the milky way

index card No NEO

index card Notation of music = Ancestor worship

index card

index card Pansperm - Transmitting the seeds of life between planets via cosmic particles.

index card Supercivilizations: Is it worth the effort for humanity - to strive for intercosmological connections?

index card Short Wave Radiation - Origin: magnetically disturbed areas of the corona. Effect: sun static.

index card

index card Melanor - Cosmic Or-energy - from outer space, - missing oxygen and water. - Life energy = hunger


index card Orgone energy - is cosmic, universal and - omnipresent, fills out - space and has no mass. - It preceds matter, binds all things together. - Orgonomic functionalism.