Jan Jelinek:



A. Jan Jelinek: Temple (10:30)
B1. G.E.S.: Helmut Schmidt plays Bach (11:18)
B2. G.E.S.: Helmut Schmidt plays Bach (Dub) (02:47) 

Jan Jelinek:

Faitiche is pleased to present Jan Jelinek’s Temple. This mini-LP is the final installment in a series of four vinyl compilations that bring together the wide variety of Jelinek’s music: commissioned works, live recordings, collaborations with other musicians as well as unreleased material from the last five years. 

Side A: 
As was the case with two tracks that appeared on the 2012 mini-LP Music for Fragments (faitiche 08), Temple stems from a collaboration with French-Canadian choreographer Sylvain Émard. Temple is a re-worked excerpt of the music for the dance piece Fragments – Volume I.

Temple of Faitiche - USB Kubus

Side B: 
The Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples (G.E.S.) welcomes a new member. Helmut Schmidt samples his way through the middle-class canon of values and assembles collages of Messian and Debussy (or is that Bach and Milhaud?), which are once again played back in public spaces and recorded anew. A backdrop of gambling unites the recordings: the playback locations chosen by Helmut Schmidt are Geneva, Baden-Baden and Bad Homburg. A triumvirate of bourgeois casino tradition. 

The series of compilations will culminate in the release of a vinyl collectors box and booklet. The digital release will be no less of a monumental gesture: a limited edition of USB concrete blocks will house the WAV versions of Jelinek's work. It is planned to install the data storage devices – each measuring approximately .125 cubic Meters – to be freely accessible in music shops and other public spaces. 

Print "Temple of Faitiche", front (31cm x 31cm)

Print "Temple of Faitiche", back (31cm x 31cm)

LP (sleeve with hole, inside/out) / also available: Temple Vinyl Box, includes Faitiche08, 09, 10 & 11. Mastering by Rashad Becker, artwork by Jan Jelinek. Copyright control.